Find Your When

Every business is heading towards a transition. The owner may retire or sell the business by choice. Circumstances may force the owner to sell or close down the business prematurely. Waiting or procrastinating is a plan. Failing to choose is in fact a choice.

Are you going to choose your transition, or are you going to sit back, let it happen, and hope for the best?

At Soterian, we work closely with business owners to help them plan their transition. Whether that means selling the business to an outside buyer, transitioning it to a family member, empowering your management team to run the business without you, or another outcome – we can work with you to strategize, plan, and execute the transition.

It’s important to understand that selling a business takes time. To maximize the value you receive as the seller requires years of preparation.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Let us help you create and execute your business transition plan!  

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